Why Choose River Time Guide Service?

River Time Guide Service has been providing whitewater rafting trips down the Main Salmon River for over 10 years and we are dedicated to giving our guests more than just a ride down the river.

Experienced FUN River Guides for your Outdoor Adventure Vacation

Goats on the Beach Main Salmon River Idaho

We take pride in creating a first rate adventure vacation that not only focuses on your fun, safety and enjoyment, but also creates lasting memories. Our guides are not only experienced licensed guides, they also truly enjoy spending time with our guests. All our meals are made using the freshest ingredients available to create the finest gourmet cuisine imaginable. All personal camping gear is provided to each guest at no additional charge. All of our river equipment is state-of-the-art, including self-bailing rafts, inflatable kayaks and Coast Guard approved life jackets. Our office staff helps provide hassle-free trip logistics that make planning your trip on the Main Salmon River easy. Simply put, we believe there is no better way to experience the magnificent Main Salmon River than with River Time Guide Service.

Creating Your Trip
While each family is unique, we work to create a trip that fits your style and needs in order to create the trip you desire. Among many things can include providing for specific meal requests, stopping for extended side canyon hikes, camping near good fishing holes and so on.

Smaller Group Size
We generally prefer to keep group sizes small in order to maximize your wilderness experience. Typically, our Salmon River rafting trips are limited to 12-15 guests and a ratio of 1 guide for every 3-4 guests. We have the ability to accommodate up to 24 guests at one time, for those with larger groups.

At Least Two Boats and Two Guides Per Trip
Our number one goal is to provide you with the safest trip possible. Therefore, we run all of our trips with at least two boats and two licensed guides.

Full Safety Orientation and Gear
Before each Salmon River rafting trip we provide a thorough water safety presentation. For example, as part of our full safety gear ensemble each client that paddles in the inflatable kayaks are provided with helmets. We also provide wetsuits and paddle jackets free of charge when needed.

A Variety of Trip Options
With River Time Guide Service you can choose between different trip lengths and styles. We also offer on our trips opportunities to paddle in rafts and inflatable kayaks and to just enjoy the ride in an oar boat.

Personable Guest to Guide Ratio
We run Salmon River rafting trips with one guide for every three to four guests, a ratio that we feel enhances each guest's experience in terms of safety, comfort, and good company!

Testimony Five Star Review

Our family of 6 has been on many vacations - Disneyland, Newport Beach, Carribean Cruise, Hawaii, Lake Powell on a houseboat and more. This year we wanted to do something different as the last major vacation before a couple of our older kids moved out for college and LDS missionary service. We decided to book a week with Terry and River Time Guide Service. Our kids range from 11 to 20 and all of them except our 18 year old son were extremely skeptical. We met Terry the first day, and from the very first second we met him, you could tell that WE were the very most important people in the room. Terry makes you feel so important, tends to your every need, and made sure that this vacation was the BEST ever!! The river was absolutely amazing. Terry was kind, patient, knowledgeable and friendly. He and his staff served our every need!! The food was beyond fantastic and one of the guides was even a professional dutch oven caterer. We had some of the best food we have ever eaten!! Terry made sure every day that our kids, every single one of them, were happy, involved, having fun, and felt safe. He let all our kids row and try the kayaks. The rough whitewater was a blast, and we never felt nervous for one second. Really! Even as an anxious mom, I could tell that Terry and his staff knew what they were doing. They had our safety in mind constantly. Terry and his staff set up our tents, and the camp spots were perfect. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the trip was that Terry and his staff knew many of the people who homestead along the river. It was so much fun to meet the people who live on beautiful, self sufficient homesteads. Terry never once made us feel like he was the guide and we were customers. He treated us like family, and the last day most of us had tears as we hugged him goodbye. We have had many opportunities to vacation in beautiful places but this was a unique and incomparable vacation that I would recommend to any family. We are so grateful for Terry and Lisa and their staff. We will cherish our river trip vacation forever.
Heidi Dixon - Oregon