Our Mission

River Time Guide Service employs some of the best guides in the business, who consider it their pleasure to be able to guide you, our guests down the incredible Salmon River.

To give you the best whitewater rafting adventure vacation of your life

Deer near camp

With a variety of craft to choose from, our guests get a complete whitewater experience. There are paddle boats for those wanting to be part of a team driving a raft through thrilling roller coaster waves, oar boats for those who prefer to sit back and watch the world drift by, and self-bailing kayaks for those of all skill levels and ages seeking more control of their own whitewater destiny.

At River Time Guide Service, we run our trips with a philosophy and structure that we call "River Time". A day in the life of a River Time Guide Service Salmon river trip is described below. We hope your reading of this description entices you and serves as a first step in joining us on the Salmon.

Thumbs Up Camping on the Salmon River

Simply put, river time is an approach to wilderness rafting and a day to day existence that gives you, our guest, the opportunity to let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A normal day of river time might start with the smell of cowboy coffee lingering through camp followed by a multi-course breakfast as the sun creeps over the ridge line, ready to dry the morning dew off of your tent. After breaking camp, loading the gear boats and dawning your day's river gear we set out for the next adventure around the corner. Depending on the day the rapids get bigger and bigger. The ever abundant wildlife peeks around the corner, curious to the onlookers who drift by in peace.

Early afternoon river side lunches provide all of us with the energy to finish off the day and head to camp for an early evening arrival to our next camp site. This time on shore gives you opportunities to fish, hike, read a book, take a nap, reflect with friends and family during happy hour or just relax under the shade. Ending the day with a mouth-watering gourmet dinner whipped up by your guide/chef puts the finishing touches on your perfect vacation day and leaves you with just enough energy to listen to a tall tale spun by your guide/storyteller and adjourn to your comfy tent under the stars.

As you can see, running the river involves more than just water and boats. It is spending time with people who share the common interest of viewing wildlife, exploring pictographs on hikes, telling stories while drifting through calm pools, and swimming in the green water to cool off from the noon day sun. Of course, being able to work as a team while in the middle of a class III rapid such as Elkhorn or learning how to balance while throwing a bucket of water on a loved one is all part of learning the rhythm of river time.

River Time Guide Service chooses to only run trips on the Main Salmon River, because it is truly a river of special charter with something to offer everyone. It is hard to describe all that the Main Salmon has to offer, one must ultimately experience it for themselves. So come join us and experience for yourself all that this spectacular river has to offer, you'll be glad that you did.

Testimony Five Star Review

"Priceless is how I would describe this trip. It was perfect! We couldn't have imagined a better time. Your guides were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the great time and everlasting memories."
Tharp Family - Anaheim California